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28 Wilf Shaw RIP Tribute

28 Wilf Shaw RIP Tribute

Update: 2018-03-31


28 Wilf Shaw RIP Tribute

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of WWII veteran Wilf Shaw in hospital on 21 March 2018. His family advise that he passed away very peacefully in the early hours in hospital. He had enjoyed exceptional health for his age until a few weeks ago, when the breathing difficulties he had had trouble with during the past eighteen months worsened quite dramatically.

This is a special episode in tribute to Wilf featuring tributes from listeners and stories from the role he played in WW2 with 6 Green Howards and the 50th Northumbrian Infantry division.

'You were always a rebel Wilf and it was those types of blokes who won this bloody War for us' Fred Zilken.

RIP Private Shaw W, 4753850

Called up on 13 June 1940, 6th Battalion, Green Howards

Born 6 Feb 1920, Died 21 March 2018, Aged 98

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Below: Wilf in later years

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28 Wilf Shaw RIP Tribute

28 Wilf Shaw RIP Tribute

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