28. 絵と音楽

28. 絵と音楽

Update: 2022-05-28


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Hello. This is episode 28 of my podcast. I have had a runny nose recently. When the seasons change, I get an allergy called a cold weather allergy. I’m told that cold-weather allergies are more likely to appear when the temperature difference is more than seven degrees Celsius. It is particularly bad in the morning and at night. It is hard for me to sleep, but I am at home all the time, so I can rest during the day. My lessons these days are usually in the morning.


I recently started making music again. I used to go to art college. I studied drawing for about two years for the entrance exam. As with any cultural activity, be it music, art or sports, it is more important to experience it through practice than to understand it in your head. This is because the teacher’s advice is often expressed in sensory terms, which cannot be understood without the same experience. Physical muscle training is important for certain activities. However, training our hearing sense and visual sense is important too.


So when I was in my twenties, I drew almost every day. But it wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be. I had loved drawing since I was a little girl, but I loved it because it let me be in my own imaginary world. It was more important to me to spend time alone drawing and having fun than to show my drawings to others and receive compliments. I was not really interested in evaluation.


Since I entered my 30s, I rarely draw anymore. I want to study music in a different way to how I studied art in my 20s. I want to get away from the technical side, and pursue it in a more free, organic way. I try to practise music as little as possible. People who study music first learn an instrument or study music theory and chords. That is important, but if you work too hard, your aim will be replaced by ‘getting better’ rather than ‘having fun’. When that happens, it is no fun.


It is the same with languages. If your only goal is to be praised by others or to be good at something, you will find it hard to study. To enjoy studying a language, it is important to have conversations. When you become able to communicate your thoughts effectively, you will find it more enjoyable.


Well, I think that’s it for today. See you next time and thanks for listening!

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28. 絵と音楽

28. 絵と音楽