DiscoverThe Rachel Hollis Podcast288: #RachTalk Ep 16: A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
288: #RachTalk Ep 16: A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

288: #RachTalk Ep 16: A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Update: 2022-05-251


We have a huge announcement here on RachTalk - we are going ON TOUR!!! To 10 cities around the United States!

Since 2017 I have produced live events and conferences and....obviously something pretty wild has happened in the past few years that has made that really hard. AND flying across the country to a specific place with your girlfriends and organizing childcare and all that stuff is difficult and expensive, so I wanted to bring the show to you!

In September and October of this year I will be visiting 10 different cities for one night only events, which will have all the joy and power and transformation of a 3 day Rise Conference, but for a fraction of the cost. On June 13th we will be announcing all the juicy details, which cities we will be visiting and everything else you need to know, and tickets will go on sale June 22nd! Get Your Hearts Ready!!!

Oh, by the way, do you get my weekly Sunday email? Because if you doooo you cab get access to PRESALE. Come join in the fun!


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288: #RachTalk Ep 16: A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

288: #RachTalk Ep 16: A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

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