DiscoverBetter Call Daddy289. Dads With Daughters. Dr. Christopher Lewis
289. Dads With Daughters. Dr. Christopher Lewis

289. Dads With Daughters. Dr. Christopher Lewis

Update: 2023-01-10


One of life’s biggest regrets is wishing we hadn't worked so hard!  How do we make our time together meaningful with our kids?  How do we prepare our children and give them the skills they’ll need to leave our home?  How do we infuse options into our kids’ education?  What career options are your kids interested in?  How can we encourage our childrens’ interests and goals?  As a #dad to #daughters Christopher Lewis loves seeing dads being present and engaged with their children.  It all started with his Dad With Divas blog. A dad’s journey into fatherhood and surviving in a diva’s world!  He has a Podcast called the Dads With Daughters Podcast where he interviews dads about raising strong independent women.  My dad and I were fortunate enough to both be on!  How has Christopher Lewis balanced his time as an employee, non-profit owner, podcaster, blogger, husband, and father?  You have to be able to advocate for yourself!  Tune in to find out!  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy!


Dr. Christopher Lewis is a passionate storyteller that has spent many years creating, sharing and promoting people, brands, organizations and more.  With over 20 years working in higher education and 14 years in digital marketing, Chris brings a unique perspective to understanding audiences.  His work has focused on the use of data and technology to build and engage robust online communities.  Chris works hard to allow people to share their truth and provide ways for others to learn and grow from the stories they share.

As Digital Director for WSYM Fox 47 News Chris supported the agencies digital strategy, reaching millions of viewers per year in a highly competitive local news market. Data was key to driving success.

As Co-founder and CIO for Fathering Together, an organization working to help dads be better dads, Chris helps lead social and community engagement across platforms, including several active Facebook groups. Fathering together currently has around 128k members and is actively growing!

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289. Dads With Daughters. Dr. Christopher Lewis

289. Dads With Daughters. Dr. Christopher Lewis

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