DiscoverThe Underdog Podcast#29: Jeff Piecoro - Fox Sportscaster
#29: Jeff Piecoro - Fox Sportscaster

#29: Jeff Piecoro - Fox Sportscaster

Update: 2020-04-08


Jeff Piecoro is currently a sportscaster for Fox Sports Ohio. You may have seen or heard him reporting for the Cincinnati Reds for their Reds Live pre-and-post-game shows and as a dugout reporter. 

Jeff was told at the beginning of his football career (we won’t say how long ago, but will tell you he has aged very well) that he didn’t have the speed or the size to play in the SEC. But that didn’t stop him. He was a walk-on at the University of Kentucky. He was a redshirt his first year & continued to fight for his spot eventually earning a scholarship & lettering. His drive has led to his success.

Jeff is not only a passionate sportscaster but also a passionate family man. He is focused on providing better independent living options for his developmentally disabled, son & others like him. He was one of the founders of the Ken Anderson Alliance; Their mission is to build assisted living communities for people with developmental disabilities.

If you would like to volunteer or donate to the Ken Anderson Alliance go to

We are sure you will enjoy getting to know more about how Jeff manages a 10-12-hour workday & remains a huge part of his children’s lives.


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#29: Jeff Piecoro - Fox Sportscaster

#29: Jeff Piecoro - Fox Sportscaster

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