DiscoverUplift My Life Today#29 - Demystifying Essential Oil with Ale Franco
#29 - Demystifying Essential Oil with Ale Franco

#29 - Demystifying Essential Oil with Ale Franco

Update: 2020-10-10


COVID 19 pandemic is a long journey, my friends. 

I am continuously searching for ways to support us during this challenging period. Essential Oil may be something that you can explore.

So, what is an essential oil? Why is it so helpful for us?

To demystify it all, I am joined by Ale Franco, who has done her personal exploration and research to understand what these wonderful oils are.

Since 2014, with the mind of an industrial engineer, she attended several training and congresses in the subject to help her understand the underlying science behind essential oils. She also learned about the regulations and labelling policy around the household and personal care products that she felt it is important to share all the accumulative knowledge that she has gathered and also tested with others so we all can make healthier choices for our lives.

A Corporate Executive for a Retail Business based in Mexico City by day, Ale is also a Young Living Independent Distributor.

In this podcast episode, Ale is sharing what essential oil is, why it helps us emotionally and physically, what to watch out for when you would like to start using it and some tips on what to use these days particularly, especially because we are working from home, wearing masks and regularly need to clean our hands. We can do these more healthily and comfortably.


00:00     Welcome and introduction of Ale Franco of and her personal endeavour with essential oil for the past 20 years.

10:00     What essential oil is, how they are produced to get the best quality, and the existing regulations on it. Why essential oil has powerful healing properties.

25:40     How we can use essential oil daily to replace potentially toxic chemicals in our cleaning products

40:00     What essential oils that can help to support us in managing stress, keeping focused throughout the day, to wind down and  to sleep better

52:15     What you can do to start getting and using essential oils. How to get in touch with Ale Franco to start your journey with Essential Oils.

To contact Ale Franco for Essential Oil Guidance and to start your journey with Essential Oil, contact her

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#29 - Demystifying Essential Oil with Ale Franco

#29 - Demystifying Essential Oil with Ale Franco

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