DiscoverFitness Unfiltered#29 Raising the game with Neha Patel
#29 Raising the game with Neha Patel

#29 Raising the game with Neha Patel

Update: 2020-10-06


The fitness industry and media as a whole perpetuate this idea of what a ‘healthy’ body looks like.  I know women who had abs but didn’t have a menstrual cycle and were miserable despite their posts on how great life was!  It is my one hope that people come to appreciate what healthy feels like, rather than how it looks - which is different for everybody at different stages of their lives.

Joining me on the podcast today is an incredibly dear friend of mine, Neha Patel, with a clear vision on how she wants to tackle this problem.  Neha is relatively new to the fitness space, having worked as a Coach and Personal Trainer for just over two years, but has brought so many valuable life experiences to the role. 

In this episode, Neha recounts what her experience losing eight stone was like for her and shares how that period in her life shifted her opinions surrounding the fitness industry as a whole. She shares her goals within the Coaching field and what she hopes to achieve when it comes to the success of her clients, as well as her philosophies on everyone’s individual journeys. We also get candid about the importance of receiving guidance as a Coach and why there shouldn’t be shame when reaching out for help. 

To hear more, tune in to Episode 29 of Fitness UnFiltered!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What did your ‘rock bottom’ look like? (6:27 )
  • Where are you right now on your fitness journey? (19:44 )
  • What has been the biggest learning lesson for you, industry-wise? (28:28 )
  • How do you know when you’re making the right decisions? (38:08 )
  • What are the things that frustrate you about the fitness industry? (39:37 )
  • Could you describe your vision for the fitness industry in thirty seconds? (47:46 )

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Some background on Neha Patel (1:52 )
  • How Neha’s journey as a Coach and Personal Trainer began and what sparked passion in her when first entering the fitness industry (8:54 )
  • My appreciation for Neha’s impact within the wellness industry (15:53 )
  • Why negative experiences help us to grow as people (25:09 )
  • Why it’s important to be open to receiving feedback (34:40 )

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#29 Raising the game with Neha Patel

#29 Raising the game with Neha Patel