DiscoverPorous Borders: Experimental Music in the Southern Hemisphere#3: Randy Reimann (Tralala Blip, Wolf Shield, Massappeal)
#3: Randy Reimann (Tralala Blip, Wolf Shield, Massappeal)

#3: Randy Reimann (Tralala Blip, Wolf Shield, Massappeal)

Update: 2019-12-13


This week on the podcast is Randy Reimann of the band Tralala Blip. Randy is an electronic musician who started out in the hardcore punk scene in Sydney in the 80s (note: not the 90s!) where he was the singer of the band Massappeal. They did some pretty big tours with bands like Rollins Band and The Hard-Ons, and are still a pretty influential band in that scene. After the band broke up, Randy got into making electronic music, and we talk about that journey a bit in the interview. A few years ago, he formed the band Tralala Blip. At the time, he was running some electronic music workshops for people with disabilities in Northern NSW, and when the program's funding got cut, he and some of the people who participated in the workshops decided to make a band together.

Tralala Blip are one of my absolute favourite bands, and one of the things I miss most about living in Brisbane is getting to go see them live every couple of months or so. This year, they released their second album on room 40, it's called Eat My Codes If Your Light Fails. Coincidentally, just this week, the podcast Live Delay has released a recording of Tralala Blip's live set from their album launch show in Brisbane earlier this year. If you're not familiar with Live Delay, I highly, highly recommend subscribing to it. It comes from the Brisbane independent radio station 4zzz, and every week they release live recordings from shows in Brisbane. 

Randy also has a solo project called Wolf Shield, and we talk about that a bit in the podcast too. This podcast was recorded back in September of 2019 when I drove down to Bangalow where he lives. He met me there and we sat in the park with some coffee and recorded this conversation. I've done my best to EQ the worst of it out, but you'll hear a bit of wind in the microphones occasionally. 

Tracks played: "Dear Formless" by Tralala Blip (2019), "Oceans of Love" by Tralala Blip (2016)

Eat My Codes if Your Light Falls on Bandcamp:
Tralala Blip on Live Delay:
Wolf Shield on Bandcamp:









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#3: Randy Reimann (Tralala Blip, Wolf Shield, Massappeal)

#3: Randy Reimann (Tralala Blip, Wolf Shield, Massappeal)

Andrew Hartwig, Randy Reimann