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3 Facebook Advertising Challenges to Tackle Right Away

3 Facebook Advertising Challenges to Tackle Right Away

Update: 2018-10-16


A lot has changed in the Facebook Advertising world since 2011 when I first joined the party. The platform has evolved and so have the challenges.

The number of campaign types you can run has increased dramatically. New targeting options were added almost on a daily basis. We had two dashboards for ad setup: newbies were using the Ads Manager, pros the Power Editor. Then came the Business Manager causing some confusion in the space.

And not to forget the ongoing social network add-ons such as for e.g. Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp, providing us with new placement opportunities and keeping the Facebook advertising game alive.

Needless to say that the more a platform grows and evolves, the level of sophistication increases. It looks easy at a first glance.

Yes, Facebook has disabled and removed the Power Editor, lowering the entry barrier and making it easier for new advertisers to place ads. Yes, you can place ads to Instagram from within the same dashboard. And yes, Facebook has done a good job on bringing some structure into the system.

However, all of the above, doesn’t dilute the fact that running successful and profitable ads on Facebook requires a whole set of skills and knowledge along with proven Content Marketing and Facebook funnels to ensure you get great recurring results consistently over a long period of time.

I’ve written several articles on the topic of Facebook advertising that you can find on this blog. Today, I’d like to talk to you about three common Facebook advertising challenges and give you some tips on how you can solve them.

1. Moving Accounts, Pages and Pixels into the Business Manager

When I started back in 2011 there was no Business Manager. You’d have your personal account and if you were keen enough to advertise, then you could do so by setting up your personal ad account.

Fast forward to 2014 when Facebook launched the Business Manager, first making it available to only a few advertisers in the US before rolling it out globally, everybody thought this is going to be a tool for big businesses and enterprises.

Today, as Facebook is trying to solve the “grey accounts” problem, more and more advertisers are discovering the amazing benefits of the Business Manager and moving their Pages, ad accounts and pixels under one hood.

In the beginning, the Business Manager was very buggy. It was the main reason why I didn’t transition to it. However, nowadays the platform is more stable and robust than ever and Facebook is doing a pretty decent job in keeping a clear structure and moving everything into the Business Manager (they recently moved Instant Articles).

For a lot of advertisers, moving properties into the Business Manager remains one of the big challenges. Some don’t even know about it. Others lack the confidence and knowledge to transition to it.

One of the major benefits of the Business Manager as an advertiser is the fact that you can have several ad accounts.

Here are a few tips on how to tackle your Facebook advertising challenges when transitioning to the Business Manager:

* Educate yourself about the Business Manager.

* Familiarize yourself with the Business Settings and all navigation menus.

* Add your personal ad account to the Business Manager. You can also request access to the account. Make sure you know the difference between the two before you do this step.

* Share your Pixel into Business Manager or create a new Master Pixel. Install the Pixel Helper (it’s a Google Chrome extension)...








3 Facebook Advertising Challenges to Tackle Right Away

3 Facebook Advertising Challenges to Tackle Right Away

Krisz Rokk