3 Failed Attempts

3 Failed Attempts

Update: 2021-01-13


#SuicidePrevention #StandUp #GetHelp • #RawHISTory In this episode of #RawHISTory
 I discuss the 3 attempts to which I (thankfully) was unsuccessful at; committing suicide. I’m not proud of this, nor am I posting this to in any way shape or form glamorize suicide, because there’s nothing to be proud of by doing what I did; or attempted to do. I hope that by listening to this episode, should you or someone you love be or have been suicidal, you’ll stop for a moment and think God put you here for a reason, not just a season. You’ll have many dark and cold winters, but I promise you, that the sun will once rise again and begin to shine down on you, and your once snow covered paths will become an open ocean just ready for you to swim in and become the best version and best chapter of your life. Please, if you are or someone you love is feeling this way, PLEASE REACH OUT. There are so many people who can and will help you.
 We would love to hear your story, no matter how big or small you may feel it to be; for someone it could change their whole life! It would also mean the world to me if you guys would check out to see how you can Support the show (https://pod.fan/the-private-members-only-rawhistory) and have access to a members only private podcast (new episodes recorded as requested by members, topics, advice, or just to talk! We’ll also have at least one Xoom call a month, which I think would be really nice! Feel free to text me (310)388-6794 :) I’m on my phone all day! *PLEASE NOTE MENTAL HEALTH AND SUICIDAL THOUGHTS ARE NOTHING TO JOKE AROUND ABOUT NOR IS THIS VIDEO FOR ENTERTAINMENT. IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW MAY BE EXPERIENCING OR SHOWING SIGNS OF DEPRESSION OR SUICIDAL THOUGHTS PLEASE REACH OUT TO YOUR LOCAL OR NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION TEAM*


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3 Failed Attempts

3 Failed Attempts

Nathan Histed