DiscoverOne Small Bite3 Ways To Reclaim Your Body and Be Nourished
3 Ways To Reclaim Your Body and Be Nourished

3 Ways To Reclaim Your Body and Be Nourished

Update: 2022-05-04


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Are you fighting your body? Tune in to learn how to stop the war on your body and reclaim it for yourself! Through allowing ourselves to be nourished, we can stop the war and start thriving.

Highlights of this episode:

  • What is nourishment? 
  • The Be Nourished approach and why it’s needed
  • Embodiment and disembodiment
  • Body Trust® framework 
  • How to reclaim your body

Episode Summary:

What is nourishment? Nourishment is about food and ways in which we act upon food. When we are at war with our bodies, we are not providing it nourishment.The Be Nourished approach was formed by Hilary and Dana out of the failures of the traditional weight loss as self-care treatment plan. Diet culture has inserted itself to help you war against your body. Because we are all born with a natural embodiment and intuitiveness, we don’t need diet culture’s messages and methods. Diet culture creates disembodiment. The framework to step away from that and heal is the Body Trust® framework. Step by step, you can learn how to reclaim your body and be nourished! 


Be Nourished website:  

Body Trust book: Reclaiming Body Trust 

One Small Bite: Anti-Diet Stories that Empower You To Build a Positive and Secure Relationship with Food

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Chop the diet mentality; Fuel Your Body; and Nourish Your Soul!

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3 Ways To Reclaim Your Body and Be Nourished

3 Ways To Reclaim Your Body and Be Nourished

David Orozco