DiscoverListen To Your Body Podcast3 Ways to Honor Your Body’s Fullness (Intuitive Eating Principle 6)
3 Ways to Honor Your Body’s Fullness (Intuitive Eating Principle 6)

3 Ways to Honor Your Body’s Fullness (Intuitive Eating Principle 6)

Update: 2020-09-01


Continuing on with our Intuitive Eating Principles Series, today I am supplying you with tips on how to start tuning into your body's sense of fullness. Intuitive Eating is all about self-knowledge, self-care, and self-compassion, and when you can listen to your body's signals, you can better understand when you are full and what foods are satisfying you.

Finding Support Through Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is not a solo experience. It takes a good support group and framework in order to accomplish your goals and break up with diet culture. Through Intuitive Eating Principle 6, you can begin to listen to the messages your body is sending you, and get back to treating your body right.

How to Acknowledge Your Bodies Unique Fullness Signals

When was the last time you took a moment to check in with yourself during mealtime? Oftentimes we can rush through or distract ourselves when eating, which leads to stuffing ourselves past the point of satisfaction. Instead of eating past the point of comfortable fullness, Intuitive Eating can help you stop when you are satisfied.

Three Tips to Start Listening To Your Body

Diet culture has robbed many of us the trust we need in our bodies to be able to eat without a set of restrictions. By checking in with yourself throughout your meal, avoiding the ‘air foods’ that many diets try to push as ‘healthy’, and by listening to the innate cues your body is giving you, you too can feel your fullness and honor your body's needs.

Do you struggle with your ability to sense your fullness, stop clearing the plate, and finish eating when you feel truly satisfied? Share how you differentiate between fullness and satisfaction with me in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • The importance of a support system when diving into Intuitive Eating and going against the grain of diet culture (3:20 )
  • Three points to help you start tuning into your hunger and feeling your fullness (6:30 )
  • Why you should stop filling up on ‘air foods’ that diet culture tells you are the ‘right’ choice (14:06 )
  • The difference between satisfying your hunger and actually fueling your body with real foods (17:00 )
  • How to become okay with not always finishing your plate and avoid binge eating (18:08 )


Key Takeaways

In Order To Start Feeling Your Fullness You Must:

  1. Get real about what dieting has taken from you and start to pay attention to the innate signals coming from within your body 
  2. Avoid filling up on ‘air foods’ and create moments to pause and check-in during mealtimes
  3. Honor the signals that you feel of hunger or fullness and build trust in yourself that you can eat again



“Please do not attempt this Intuitive Eating journey completely by yourself, and think that you have to be the hero and do everything and it's an individual pursuit. Because really, that’s what diet culture loves.” (3:48 )

“Intuitive Eating isn’t one of those things that you read or you hear a podcast about and you think ‘Great, now I’m an intuitive eater!’. No! It's something that you practice and something you have to embody.” (5:12 )

“If you consistently rush through meals or you are consistently distracted and you haven't practiced feeling and sensing your fullness, this is a huge area for growth opportunity for you to be able to start doing that.” (13:12 )

“If my tactic, every time I start to feel hungry or every time I try to fill myself up, is to go back to relying on these ‘air foods’, it's not saying they don't provide any kind of benefit, but are they really satisfying our hunger? And the answer in a lot of those cases is ‘no’.” (17:04 )

“It's not an arbitrary portion control based on external rules. This is about tuning in, noticing… building that trust again that what your body is telling you is something you can begin to listen too.” (21:53 )



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3 Ways to Honor Your Body’s Fullness (Intuitive Eating Principle 6)

3 Ways to Honor Your Body’s Fullness (Intuitive Eating Principle 6)

Steph Gaudreau