DiscoverListen To Your Body Podcast3 Ways to Make Eating More Satisfying (Intuitive Eating Principle 5)
3 Ways to Make Eating More Satisfying (Intuitive Eating Principle 5)

3 Ways to Make Eating More Satisfying (Intuitive Eating Principle 5)

Update: 2020-08-25


Have you ever stopped to notice if you are actually being present and enjoying the foods that you are eating? Instead of being held captive to the strict rules that diet culture forces you to conform too, Intuitive Eating can help you find pleasure and peace in the foods you are consuming.

Intuitive Eating Principle #5

Intuitive Eating Principle #5 is all about finding the satisfaction factor in food. With 3 simple steps, you can start to check in with yourself and start truly experiencing and enjoying the act of eating.

Don’t Let Dieting Restrict You Anymore

Instead of adhering to the ‘black and white, all or nothing, either/or dynamic’ that diets push as the only way to do things, Intuitive Eating will empower you to start taking back control of the things that you are putting into your body. It is time to start giving yourself some grace when it comes to the negative thoughts you have internalized due to diet culture. Alternatively, you can start giving yourself the compassion and kindness necessary to embrace Intuitive Eating and break up with the diet cycle for good.

Three Things That Will Help You With the Satisfaction Factor of Food

By finding out what foods you actually like, being present in the experience of eating, and choosing things that will actually satisfy you, you can gain more clarity and awareness on what foods are serving you. It is time to stop giving diet culture permission to choose what goes into your body, and Intuitive Eating Principle #5 is here to help you accomplish that.

How do you work to be more present and mindful when you are eating so that you can bump up your Satisfaction Factor when it comes to food? Share how you are incorporating Intuitive Eating Principle #5 with me in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Learn why hating or loving your body does not have to be black and white (5:50 )
  • Why you should stop letting diet culture take away your autonomy and make your choices for you (10:45 )
  • How to eat more mindfully and actually enjoy the foods you are eating (14:41 )
  • Tips for discovering what will actually satisfy you in a moment of hunger (19:52 )
  • How to differentiate between foods you really want or are just craving as a reaction to deprivation (22:40 )


Key Takeaways

The Top 3 Things to Remember About Intuitive Eating Are:

  1. Intuitive Eating is a framework, not a gospel that must be followed with restrictions and limits
  2. Being mindful and present during your eating experience can help you check in with yourself throughout the meal
  3. By focusing on what will actually satisfy you, you can build your trust in yourself and reject common diet tactics



“If we set a black and white, all or nothing, either/or dynamic, that says either I love my body all the time or I am hating on my body all the time, then that sets us up for that kind of ‘failure’.” (6:12 )

“As long as we have this diet culture around us, we are in it, we are swimming in it, we are going to be confronted with these thoughts. The skill that you can develop through things like intuitive eating and body neutrality is giving yourself the time to stop, pause, consider, before acting, or realizing how you are feeling in a certain situation.” (9:20 )

“The food as fuel mentality can be a helpful stepping stone for some people, especially when you are afraid to experiment or trying to overcome the do’s and don’ts of the food police.” (16:32 )

“Are you ever allowing yourself to become present when you are eating and be in tuned with what you are enjoying about the experience?” (19:05 )

“If you put off your satisfaction or you deny your satisfaction for a particular food or something that you think would sound really good… and then you eat it and you pay attention, little by little you build these skills.” (23:08 )



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3 Ways to Make Eating More Satisfying (Intuitive Eating Principle 5)

3 Ways to Make Eating More Satisfying (Intuitive Eating Principle 5)

Steph Gaudreau