DiscoverGeekout with Matt Navarra3. UK Parliament's Damian Collins
3. UK Parliament's Damian Collins

3. UK Parliament's Damian Collins

Update: 2019-09-19


Damian Collins has social media regulation in his sights, and as chair of UK Parliament's DCMS select committee, he's got strong opinions on how to whip the tech companies into shape. Here he joins Matt Navarra and Martin SFP Bryant to explain why tech companies seem to particularly fear scrutiny from UK politicians, whether we need international rules to govern big tech, what he thinks about Netflix's The Great Hack (in which he appeared)... and just what is Mark Zuckerberg's deal, anyway? 

It's a wide ranging and fascinating chat with a man leading the charge toward greater regulation of the apps we all use. And we talk over the week’s news and share the latest tests and tools you need to know about.

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News stories:

Facebook working on smart glasses with Ray-Ban, code-named ‘Orion’

Establishing Structure and Governance for an Independent Oversight Board

Nextdoor’s new Kindness Reminder wants to stop neighbors from being so mean

Facebook introduces Portal TV, a video chat camera accessory for your television


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3. UK Parliament's Damian Collins

3. UK Parliament's Damian Collins

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