30: 30 Days to Make a Change

30: 30 Days to Make a Change

Update: 2021-09-20


Some of you are trying to limit or kick caffeine, some of you want to reduce or quit drinking alcohol, some of you want to stop doing another pattern or behavior in your life that you no longer see as useful.

And so what i’m going to do is i’m going to document my own progress over the 30 day period using what i know to be effective tools and resources so that you can have some sort of way to keep yourself going and maybe some ideas to inspire yourself when it gets hard.

I’ve chosen a commitment that will require my mind and body to adapt and will strengthen me. And I know that a lot of you may have already experienced 30 days of a workout program only to quit, or 30 days of no wine and then binged…

The examples of short lived victories followed by a return to previous behavior are countless. So if you’re skeptical about the efficacy of a 30 day change, I’d like you to think about those examples in your own life and what those experiences were like for you.

What I see a lot of is a “white knuckling” experience...a clenched jaw as you painfully count down the days until you can go back to the thing you’ve been deprived of or quit the grueling miles you’ve been cycling.”

This isn’t that. I’m not going into this willing to accept temporary deprivation. I’m not punishing myself in any way. I am - on purpose - adjusting the way I’ve been doing something, because I believe that the outcome of increased physical and mental strength are more valuable than the pleasure of continuing to do what I’ve been doing.

And at the end of the 30 days, I’ll evaluate and decide what I want to do from there. Maybe I’ll do another 30 days, maybe I’ll make this a permanent thing…









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30: 30 Days to Make a Change

30: 30 Days to Make a Change

Chelsea Myers