Discover#MediaSnack Meets30 - Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian
30 - Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian

30 - Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian

Update: 2019-03-22


If I was CEO of Facebook, "I'd lose billions of dollars for my shareholders" says Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian
But for a good reason. "I have an immodest goal to save freedom and democracy" he says. 

You may know Bob as his alter ego The Ad Contrarian, which is a regularly updated blog which Bob founded over a decade ago. It is devoted to presenting the counter argument to the marketing industry’s obsessive narrative with technology, automation and the new shiny things. 

The increasingly popular blog has evolved into speaking engagements and a series of books, most notably Bad Men which came out in 2017. 

In this episode we find out:

  • what is Bob trying to achieve
  • what drives him
  • when he’s going to quit (no time soon I expect). 
  • what Bob would do if he was the CEO of facebook instead of Mark Zuckerberg
  • what advice he would give to his marketers if he was the billion dollar CMO he frequently criticizes
  • and, whilst everyone reads his books, what does HE read for inspiration

You can check the show notes for this episode at including a full transcript of the interview

So. Without further delay. Please enjoy this lively (and mildly sweary) interview with The Ad Contrarian, Mr Bob Hoffman

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30 - Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian

30 - Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian

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