#30 How to Cook with Cannabis 101

#30 How to Cook with Cannabis 101

Update: 2021-09-22


Cooking with plants can be challenging. In order to break up their starchy walls into digestible forms, some plants require high temperatures, while some don't. Our guest today, Necole Hines has perfected the acts of cooking, not just with any plants, but the "king of plants" itself.

Necole is a Canadian cannabis chef, educator, and advocate who loves to add cannabis to her life. She’s the founder of “Faded Living”, an educational and event company that set out to break down the stigma surrounding cannabis with her 420 friendly events. Necole is also a member of “Louder Together Cannabis Advocacy Society with a focus on issues affecting the Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and cannabis.

Dr. O and Necole dived deep into all things cannabis as it relates to cooking and consuming safely.

This conversation is a must-listen. Connect with Necole Hines here:


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“I use a slow cooker to infused my oil. The temperature should not be greater than 240 degrees when cooking with cannabis”

“I recommend Canola oil if new to infused cooking…I’m from Canada, Maple is big here…I love infused Jerk meals. I guess that’s the Jamaican in me”

“I started my company to normalized adult cannabis use. Although it’s legal in some countries, there’s still a lot of stigmas attached. If I could present it to people with food, it wouldn’t be so foreign and scary…. something people can relate to….” Chef Necole Hines



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Dr. Lola Ohonba, PharmD

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Dr. Ohonba (aka Dr. O) is the founder and CEO of WCI HEALTH LLC, an alternative health and wellness company. She’s a clinical pharmacist certified in medical cannabis, psychedelics; and a public speaker with a focus on cannabis and psychedelics.

Dr. O helps healthcare professional, dispensaries and alternative medicine enthusiasts understand the health benefits of plant medicine using her background as a clinician and an herbal medicine user growing up in West Africa; so that they can assist their clients to level up on their wellness journey, saving money and avoiding adverse reactions. 

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#30 How to Cook with Cannabis 101

#30 How to Cook with Cannabis 101

Lola Ohonba