DiscoverThe Dale Jr. Download - Dirty Mo Media302 - Dale Jr.'s Hall of Fame Moment
302 - Dale Jr.'s Hall of Fame Moment

302 - Dale Jr.'s Hall of Fame Moment

Update: 2020-06-179


An emotional Dale Earnhardt Jr., surrounded by his family, finds out that he will forever be enshrined in the NASCAR Hall of Fame as a member of 2021 class. Listen as the news breaks live on the podcast and the congratulations roll in from well-respected members of the racing industry. Special guests Rick Hendrick, Mike Helton and the NASCAR Hall of Fame’s Executive Director Winston Kelley join the show. Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis reflect on this major milestone and hit on some of the hottest topics in racing, including Dale Jr.’s return to the driver's seat at Homestead. Dale describes his most anxious moment and what it was like to race in front of an empty grandstand. Last week, NASCAR took a major step forward in becoming a more inclusive sport by banning the Confederate flag from its tracks. The DJD gang offers their perspective on the ban and the social media reaction that followed. Plus, find out why Dale wants to cancel, cancel culture. The All-Star Race is headed to Bristol Motor Speedway for the first time in the event's 36-year history with a new twist on paint schemes that has everyone all fired up. How did our host start his big day back in the Dirty Mo Studio? With a redneck root canal, of course! Don't ask, just listen and laugh. All of this and more on a truly memorable edition of the Dale Jr. Download.

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David Zettlemoyer

well if bubba is so offended over a flag , he needs to go. how does one person have say over a flag. especially since it IS NOT ALL ABOUT SLAVES. omg nascar is getting rediculous. bubba will not last he is not good at all. this is a sport that has been born of the south. surprised bubba if for the sport due to slavery in the south. done with this pc bull crap. and about done with a sport I love and cherish.

Jun 17th
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302 - Dale Jr.'s Hall of Fame Moment

302 - Dale Jr.'s Hall of Fame Moment

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