DiscoverThe Rabbi and The Shrink#32: Breeda Miller - Care for others by caring for yourself
#32: Breeda Miller - Care for others by caring for yourself

#32: Breeda Miller - Care for others by caring for yourself

Update: 2021-10-07


Why is self-care a moral and ethical imperative?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What can we do to restore our collective faith in one another?

These and other critical questions are addressed when self-care expert Breeda Miller joins the Rabbi and the Shrink

1:00 Is self-care an ethical issue?

Take a break before you break

Only by taking care of ourselves can we take care of and be of service to others

You can only love others in proportion to how we love ourselves

4:00   “What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?”

There may be dreams we didn’t pursue that we still have time to realize

Can you tell your own story in a way that inspires others?

10:30   Stories provide the context that make information relevant

Simple stories often have the most profound impact and meaning

This generation is having a crisis of faith in one another, in ourselves, and in our future

What can we do to restore our collective faith?

We have to listen to what’s really important, to the story within the story

Taking care of ourselves helps us see through the fog

15:30 The problem with being outcome oriented is that we end up feeling frustrated unless we get the outcome we want and until we get the outcome

The journey really is the destination

Be kind with the truth

20:30 We have to practice what we preach

Don’t feel guilty acknowledging our own limitations

“I can do a year’s work in 9 months but not in 12 months”

Rest and recreation are not a break from work, they are part of the work

Self-care is a moral and ethical imperative

25:00 Mediation feels like a waste of time but it is essential maintenance

We need to take care of ourselves to ensure the quality of others’ experience with us

28:30   If you were given a gift of 4 hours, what would you do?

Take a walk, call a friend, read a book, go for a run, get a massage -- then find a way to do it

Short term goals for self care will help us reach our long term goals

Make a list of 2-minute, 5-minute, 10-minute activities so you’ll be ready to take advantage of opportunities when they arise

34:30   Word of the day:  symbiosis

We want to be interdependent without being codependent

It’s not good for us to be alone, even though sometimes we need to be alone

The balance between nurturing ourselves and nurturing others creates a tension that we have to continuously manage

38:00 The Doctors formula for self-care: SCHEMTT

Sleep -- the right amount in the right conditions

Compassion -- for ourselves and others

Humor -- the kind that is kind

Exercise -- simple movement

Meaning -- a sense of purpose contextualizes everything else in our lives

Touch -- physically and emotionally

Take a break when you need one









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#32: Breeda Miller - Care for others by caring for yourself

#32: Breeda Miller - Care for others by caring for yourself

Rabbi Yonason Goldson and Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP