DiscoverThe Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast#32 Laura Tyley Pt 1/2 – Rethink, Reconnect and Take Action!
#32 Laura Tyley Pt 1/2 – Rethink, Reconnect and Take Action!

#32 Laura Tyley Pt 1/2 – Rethink, Reconnect and Take Action!

Update: 2018-11-02


Welcome to Episode 32 of  The Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast.

My name is Peter Ledwidge and I am your host.

This week on the podcast I’m joined from the UK by Laura Tyley, founder of Fresh Evoke.

To use Laura’s own words ‘I’ve set up Fresh Evoke because I believe the narrow mind frame society teaches us to  have is our own worst enemy. The world doesn’t need more comfortable professionals, it needs revolutionaries who challenge the way things are and believe they can make a difference. Fresh Evoke’s mission is to encourage the revolutionary inside all of us.’

So what is Fresh Evoke?
Fresh Evoke is a website that will make it easier for you to find mind opening events that give you a sense of community and fill you with inspiration to make positive changes in your life. These events could be anything from a sustainability talk, a holistic festival, to a healing circle.

When we leave our comfort zones and throw ourselves into something different with new people, it can be the biggest wake up call.  In today’s world, we’re rarely told to focus on the stuff that sets our soul on fire. We’re not encouraged to live a life that makes our heart feel like it’s going to explode with excitement. We’re told to live a life that’s going to set us on a path of stress, worry and fear. Fresh Evoke wants to change that.

Help You
Fresh Evoke wants to help you meet new people that inspire you and encourage you to pursue the stuff that gets the fire in your belly roaring. You should feel full of inspiration and energy everyday. Fresh Evoke hopes to play a small part in helping you achieve that.

This Week
On this week's episode we discuss a diverse range of topics such as

- Laura's journey and why she decided to start Fresh Evoke
- The aim behind fresh evoke
- Sustainabiltiy
- Mental health
- Our need for community
- Social conditioning
- Living a fulfilled life
- Questioning your conditioning
- Since our technologies are changing and how we operate and interact will need to evolve too.

It was a wide and varied discussion with Laura. The main thing to remember is to keep an open mind. It anything peaks your curiosity go and explore it and look into it. I hope this episode made you think in a different way or perhaps challenged some preconceived ideas which you may have and to explore whether they are the truth or just what you have been led to believe.

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Thanks for listening. Catch you next time.
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#32 Laura Tyley Pt 1/2 – Rethink, Reconnect and Take Action!

#32 Laura Tyley Pt 1/2 – Rethink, Reconnect and Take Action!

Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast