DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast320: Finance Friday: How to Invest When the 20-Year Grind Pays Off
320: Finance Friday: How to Invest When the 20-Year Grind Pays Off

320: Finance Friday: How to Invest When the 20-Year Grind Pays Off

Update: 2022-07-22


Retirement strategies range from simple index fund investing all the way to full-on real estate development deals. What works for some investors won’t work for others. What’s most important to you is knowing what will or won’t work for your lifestyle. Some workers can easily do a couple of fix and flips on the side to generate income, while you may have a sixty-hour workweek, without a lot of free time to start investing in more intense asset classes.

Chris feels just like this. As a working professional with a hectic schedule, he's concerned that he can’t participate in more “active” income-generating projects like real estate investing. He's been grinding for decades, making decent money but funneling much of it to pay off expensive student loan bills. When his wife sold her business, an unexpected windfall profit resulted, leaving the couple with more options than they thought.

Now they want to “back into retirement” as easily as possible, while still making wealth-building moves. What’s the best option for them? Stocks, real estate, or focusing on work so they can build a large cash reserve? While Scott and Mindy can’t answer this question for him, Chris is presented with a few good options that’ll help him become a multimillionaire in only a few short years.

In This Episode We Cover

Buying and selling a business, plus some lucrative exit options for when you decide to sell

Short-term rental investing and why big profits usually come with big-time commitments

The “perfect” retirement portfolio and how to build your assets around your lifestyle

Planning for your child’s college and how to invest risk-free while taking tax-advantages

Whether to invest in pre or post-tax retirement accounts when you’re coming close to retirement age

Serious side hustles that’ll help you achieve the “four-week work year”

And So Much More!

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320: Finance Friday: How to Invest When the 20-Year Grind Pays Off

320: Finance Friday: How to Invest When the 20-Year Grind Pays Off