DiscoverTimesuck with Dan Cummins321 - Blood on the Reservation: MMIW
321 - Blood on the Reservation: MMIW

321 - Blood on the Reservation: MMIW

Update: 2022-11-072


So much to go over in under three hours! Why are indigenous women on reservations in the US being killed at a rate ten times the national average? Why are indigenous women in Canada being murdered six times as often as other women?  The answer is complex. It goes back to the first Europeans who colonized the New World and the precedents they set for the treatment of native women. And in the US, much of the MMIW crisis is related to the very confusing jurisdictional nightmare of tribal law versus state, county, and federal laws on reservations. It is WAY too complicated and nonsensical to allow any law enforcement agency to solve anything. What a mess! How did we get here? How do we get to a better place? I address all of this as best I can today, on Timesuck. 

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Fernando Saenz

Great podcast! I wish I had a history teach teach the way you do! It would Proably be the most popular class in high school!! This podcast does tell the truth about the Spanish. However humans are humans and do commit hetrocities to each other regardless of race. Today's society tends to find it more terrible if a diferent race does it to a different ethnicity from ther own.. Why doesn't violence against there own race have the same effect or outrage!!?? Human life is precious and is terrible when it is terminated violently regardless who commits it!!!! The Indians did fight with each other and did horrible things to each other which included murder, rape, took prisoners and did humans sacrafices(Indigenous people in Mexico some as high as a thousand in a day.) all done to fellow Indians! So my question is: How come when it comes to history this events do not anger people as much as European Colinization..? I am not justifying anyone or to say that one race is better or worse than the other , it's just simple observation. Not sorry for the long message. 3 outta 5 stars wouldn't change a thing!!! love the podcast ! I thinm you and the bad magic crew are bunch of great Meatsacks and Keep on Sucking! Adriel in San Antonio Texas.

Jan 24th
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321 - Blood on the Reservation: MMIW

321 - Blood on the Reservation: MMIW

Dan Cummins, Olivia Lee