DiscoverBuild Your Network324: Riley Dayne | How to Reach Out to Busy People
324: Riley Dayne | How to Reach Out to Busy People

324: Riley Dayne | How to Reach Out to Busy People

Update: 2019-09-092


Riley Dayne is a Canadian Entrepreneur and Filmmaker. He's best known for "The Abundance Factor" and most recently "Age of the Entrepreneur" where he interviewed some of the world's top entrepreneurs. He has a goal to impact 10 million people with positive, inspiring films. He shares how to connect with successful people, how he became successful filmmaking, and the people you should never take advice from.


Episode Highlights: 

  • Riley Dayne's early childhood growing up in "farmstrong."
  • His obsession with marketing and movies leading into merging those now.
  • Learning from the disappointment of being told filmmaking wasn't a good career choice.
  • Early years in Venture Capital company.
  • Doing better to foster creativity.
  • How to skip levels in your career path.
  • "Age of the Entrepreneur": The idea and the execution.
  • Keys to being successful in filmmaking.
  • The importance of planning in a massive filmmaking project.
  • Fighting against the scarcity mindset.
  • The keys to reaching out to high-level entrepreneurs.
  • Who you know or what you know? Who you know influences what you know.
  • What can get you into rooms you don't belong in.
  • The Random Round: another profession that would be fun to attempt, who you wish you could spend an hour with sitting on a park bench, how do you like to consume content, a glimpse of your morning routine, go-to pump-up song, what are you not good at.


3 Key Points:

  1. You've got to have the passion to make it through the difficult times in your career.
  2. Planning is so critical to being successful with large projects.
  3. Focusing on the things that bring you joy and visualizing the long-term effect are a key to success.


Tweetable Quotes:


“Passion is what's going to give you the grit to get through the hard times.” - Riley Dayne

“Your network is as powerful as you're willing to work.” - Riley Dayne

“Genuinely being excited for other people's success, and genuinely being willing to help the fastest way to achieve growth.” - Riley Dayne

"The purpose behind reaching out is really, in my experience, what gets you a yes or no." - Riley Dayne

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324: Riley Dayne | How to Reach Out to Busy People

324: Riley Dayne | How to Reach Out to Busy People