DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast325: How to Buy Yourself a 6-Figure Income Stream
325: How to Buy Yourself a 6-Figure Income Stream

325: How to Buy Yourself a 6-Figure Income Stream

Update: 2022-08-081


Buying a business may sound out of your element. Stocks are one thing, and real estate is another, but what about buying businesses? Isn’t business buying something reserved for large companies, wealthy entrepreneurs, or seriously experienced store owners? Funnily enough, the business of buying businesses may be one of the most overlooked, yet most profitable ways to make more money, work less, and retire richer. Don’t believe us? Just listen to Tim Delaney.

Tim did not take the standard wealth-building route. He was making just over $2,000 per year while working in the Peace Corps after college. From there, he was hired on by other non-profits when the opportunity to buy a business fell into his lap. It didn’t require a ton of money, but it did require some sweat equity and a fair amount of time. While he didn’t end up taking the first opportunity that came his way, he did end up buying a business shortly after. And if you like hops-laden libations as much as Mindy and Scott, you’ll love hearing about Tim’s business.

Tim invested in a local liquor store that had almost zero technological improvements. No point of sale system, no running inventory, and a cash register that was appropriate for the 1950s, not the 2010s. Tim saw an opportunity, and with the right upgrades, he was able to turn this into a full-fledged business with multiple employeeshundreds of thousands in profit, and the best part of all, a 10-hour per week work schedule for Tim. Today you’ll hear exactly how Tim did it, how much money it took, and how you can repeat the process.

In This Episode We Cover

Living frugally even when making very little and how your savings can catapult your wealth

How to buy a business and what it takes to turn an outdated trade around

What types of opportunities to look for when shopping for a business to buy

SBA loansseller financing, and how to finance a small business with very little down

Hiring, firing, and how to keep a passionate staff paid and happy with work

Commercial real estate investing and turning profits into property

And So Much More!

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325: How to Buy Yourself a 6-Figure Income Stream

325: How to Buy Yourself a 6-Figure Income Stream