DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast326: Finance Friday: Still Feeling "Money Anxious" After Hitting FI
326: Finance Friday: Still Feeling "Money Anxious" After Hitting FI

326: Finance Friday: Still Feeling "Money Anxious" After Hitting FI

Update: 2022-08-12


The path to financial freedom is different for everyone. Some invest in stocks, others flip houses, but one couple breeds rats, trains horses, and buys rentals in cash. Before you get squeamish, this isn’t a show about flipping rats for profit. But, it is a show about horse training, unique investments, and how to ease off the gas when building wealth. Even if you’re far from your FI number, thinking about this concept will help you tremendously once you’ve retired.

Alexis and Max have an interesting situation, and they aren’t your everyday workers. Both of them work out in the field, up against the elements, making some serious money to help train horses. Max was a self-taught trainer who built an impressive resume while only in his teenage years. He has a passion for finding, training, and flipping horses that will one day be champions. This is his life’s work and it’s allowed him to charge a pretty hefty price tag.

But, the couple hasn’t just been investing in horses. They also have nine paid-off rental properties, subsidizing the entirety of their monthly spending. But, even with their high net worth, they’re struggling to feel comfortable with their financial situation. They’d like to buy a house of their own, take a break from work, and allow themselves more time freedom. But do they really need more money, or do they simply need to rethink their already solid situation?

In This Episode We Cover

Flipping horses and the astounding money this unique investment can make

Rental property investing and why being debt-free isn’t such a bad thing

Sheltering business taxes so you can keep more income at the end of the year

When to use leverage to buy real estate vs. buying rentals in cash

What to do with your “lazy money” even if you’ve already hit financial freedom

Getting clear on your financial goals so you can work less and enjoy your wealth

And So Much More!

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326: Finance Friday: Still Feeling "Money Anxious" After Hitting FI

326: Finance Friday: Still Feeling "Money Anxious" After Hitting FI