DiscoverBuild Your Network327: Diane Mulcahy | Join the Gig Economy
327: Diane Mulcahy | Join the Gig Economy

327: Diane Mulcahy | Join the Gig Economy

Update: 2019-09-16


Diane Mulcahy is the best-selling author of "The Gig Economy." It's been featured in a number of top publications as well as on She created and teaches the first class in the country on the "Gig Economy" at Batson College in Boston. We talk about the decisions that led to her career path, how she got the idea for writing her book, and her career choices vs. traditional career choices.


Episode Highlights: 

  • Diane's background and "middle-school" self: Athletics, Extracurriculars, and Honors.
  • The Desire to "go do something different."
  • Diane's student journey and focus at Harvard.
  • What it takes to "let go" of what you thought you wanted to do.
  • Diane's advice to find what gets you "fired up."
  • How to avoid waiting to produce what you desire.
  • From Investing in Healthcare to Writing.
  • Combating "Imposter Theory."
  • How to understand and own your credibility.
  • The top things to help advance your career.
  • What is the Gig Economy?
  • The Appeal of the Gig Economy.
  • What it took to actually write a book on the Gig Economy.
  • The revolution of the Access Economy.
  • Who you know or what you know? Who you know is more important, but you can make great strides with what you know.
  • The concept of the Offer and the Ask
  • Diane's biggest piece of advice for building real relationships.
  • The Random Round: another profession that would be fun to attempt, who you wish you could spend an hour with sitting on a park bench, how do you like to consume content, a glimpse of your morning routine, go-to pump-up song, what are you not good at.


3 Key Points:

  1. It's important to pursue the things and ideas that get you "fired up."
  2. Reflect on what are the values and priorities that important to you and spend your time and energy on.
  3. Work towards the goal of living a life that you don't have to take a vacation from. 


Tweetable Quotes:


“College is a low-risk environment to try out anything that interests you.” - Diane Mulcahy

“When you start your career, look around you and figure out who's job you want, and set your sights on that.” - Diane Mulcahy

“For many people, they have the credibility, expertise, or ability, they just don't recognize it within themselves.” - Diane Mulcahy

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327: Diane Mulcahy | Join the Gig Economy

327: Diane Mulcahy | Join the Gig Economy

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