DiscoverTimesuck with Dan Cummins327 - Josef Mengele: Nazi Angel of Death (Happy Holidays)
327 - Josef Mengele: Nazi Angel of Death (Happy Holidays)

327 - Josef Mengele: Nazi Angel of Death (Happy Holidays)

Update: 2022-12-194


Josef Mengele was a great guy! Just very misunderstood. Wait, no. I'm thinking of someone else. Josef Mengele was a MONSTER. His complete and total lack of empathy for anyone not a member of Hitler's nonsensical racial purity dream boggles the mind. He saw his experimental patients at the Auschwitz  concentration camp as nothing more than lab rats who happened to kind of look human. His experiments were cruel and misguided. And mostly dealt with identical twins. Child twins. And saddest of all - his cruelty did not stand out amongst his peers. He was but one of many, many monsters. A product of Nazi brainwashing that had gone on for so long, reality had been inverted. Evil was good, and good was evil in many ways. We look at all of this today. And sorry for the timing! It was a voted-in topic, and is probably about the LEAST festive topic we could Suck this week. But - I did find it fascinating and hope you do too. And next week will be lighter - I promise! :) Hail Nimrod and Happy Holidays! 

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327 - Josef Mengele: Nazi Angel of Death (Happy Holidays)

327 - Josef Mengele: Nazi Angel of Death (Happy Holidays)

Dan Cummins, Sophie Evans