DiscoverThe Rabbi and The Shrink#33: Daryl Davis - Hate and Harmony
#33: Daryl Davis - Hate and Harmony

#33: Daryl Davis - Hate and Harmony

Update: 2021-10-14


Why are we reluctant to "walk across the cafeteria" to start a conversation?

What is the soundtrack to your life?

Why don't books and history tell the whole story, and where should we turn to get it?

These and other critical questions for building a harmonious world are addressed when award-winning musician and race reconciliator Daryl Davis joins The Rabbi and the Shrink.

1:00 Music is a bridge

The benefit of a global perspective

Legal desegregation took years to take effect

Attacked for being a Cub Scout?

Learning about racism at age 10

How can you hate me if you don’t know me?

7:30 Responding to injustice and hate with genuine curiosity

Breadth of experience provides perspective to moderate our responses

10:00 Books and histories did not explain hate

Meeting the head of the American Nazi Party as a high school student

The coming race war?

“Joining” the Nazi rally before the White House

The “rationalism” of white supremacy

18:00 What happens when whites become the minority in the U.S.?

What does the fear of that do to people?

Charleston, PIttsburgh, El Paso

22:30 A chance encounter with the KKK

Here was the answer to the question

28:00 We have to know who we are

Exposure to different cultures and ideologies make us broader

The five values all humans want:

Love, respect, to be heard, to be treated fairly, we want those values for our families

A missed opportunity for dialogue is a missed opportunity for conflict resolution

33:00   Meeting the Imperial Wizard of the KKK

The “noise”

We all feel fear of the unknown, we are all relieved when that fear is removed

We hate what we don’t understand because it frightens us

Awareness of our collective ignorance can bring us together

Education cures ignorance, which cures fear, which cures violence

48:00 What can we all do to transcend and eliminate hate?

Spend time listening to people to learn who they are

Debate doesn’t bring people together; getting to know one another as human beings does

53:45 Music contains the key

Harmony allows our differences to become a source of strength and unity

57:00 The word of the day:  liminal

of, relating to, or situated at a sensory threshold : barely perceptible or capable of eliciting a response

What if life had background music?

Any moment can offer the opportunity to change our lives and our world

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#33: Daryl Davis - Hate and Harmony

#33: Daryl Davis - Hate and Harmony

Rabbi Yonason Goldson and Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP