DiscoverUplift My Life Today#33 - Clean beauty and skin care - Ale Franco
#33 - Clean beauty and skin care - Ale Franco

#33 - Clean beauty and skin care - Ale Franco

Update: 2021-02-14


For many different reasons, our skin impacts our overall health.
Yet, when most of us think about the relationship between our skin and mental health, we rarely feel it is a two-way street. The reality is our mental health impacts our skin, and our skin impacts our mental health.
Join me and Ale Franco of My Wellness Life to discuss why it is of paramount importance to care for our skin daily, what clean beauty is - the facts and the misunderstanding, how to find the information about the ingredients of our skincare products so we can make better choices, and what we can do with essential oils should we prefer to make some of our skincare products.

00:00       Opening
00:40       Why it is essential to take care of our skin. What clean beauty means. How to find the "dirty ingredients" list.
11:26       Key highlights to regulations within the personal care industry and what it means for us as consumers.
21:00       What to watch out for when selecting Fragrances.
31:00      The importance of knowing how your skin care's ingredients were sourced.
34:58       What to be careful of when you are using clean beauty products.
36:41       A handful of easy recipes to make your skincare products.
47:57       Books references, summary, and closing. How to get connected with Ale Franco.

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#33 - Clean beauty and skin care - Ale Franco

#33 - Clean beauty and skin care - Ale Franco

Astuti Martosudirdjo