DiscoverAustralian Investors Podcast#33 - Josh Clark - QVG Capital
#33 - Josh Clark - QVG Capital

#33 - Josh Clark - QVG Capital

Update: 2019-11-08


Josh Clark, CFA from QVG Capital recently sat down with Owen Raszkiewicz to talk about his journey to investing, long and short investing on the ASX, how quantitative strategies mix with his more qualitative research and lots more.

Some of the key topics discussed include:
2:30 - Josh's early life and how a job at McDonalds shaped his attitude towards money, saving and investing
11:20 - How and why Josh Clark, CFA went about getting into investment management
18:00 - Josh Clark, CFA and the QVG Capital investment process
39:00 - Share valuation accounting tricks and traps, and tips short sellers use to spot red flags
42:30 - How Josh Clark, CFA assesses management teams
46:00 - How to manage a share portfolio - QVG Capital's Josh Clark, CFA
1:02:00 - How quant is shaping (and helping) ASX sharemarket investors - QVG Capital's Josh Clark, CFA
1:09:00 - Is short selling ruining the share market?

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#33 - Josh Clark - QVG Capital

#33 - Josh Clark - QVG Capital

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