DiscoverThe I Am Podcast with Ashley LeMieux#33 I Am Not Too Late or Too Far Behind
#33 I Am Not Too Late or Too Far Behind

#33 I Am Not Too Late or Too Far Behind

Update: 2021-09-14


Welcome back to the I Am Podcast! I am so excited to kick off season two of the show and give you a little update of what I’ve been up to for the past four months! This summer, my husband, Mike, and I spent some time in Hawaii. We knew that Hawaii is where we needed to be, but what’s new for me is that I didn’t know what would come after that. Not only did we think we would be pregnant by now, but it’s been a full year since we started trying to conceive and never did I think that I’d be on the cusp of my 35th birthday and still unable to get pregnant. For this reason, we took a break trying to conceive which led me to feeling like I lacked purpose in life. After some time, though, I knew I had to let this go and make myself open to whatever comes my way and that’s why I decided to go back to school to get my master’s degree in mental health and wellness with an emphasis on grief and bereavement.


I’ve now been back in school for several weeks and I’m here today with my brother-in-law, Ty, to tell you that you are not too old to do what you love and you don’t have to have your life figured out in your 20s. Ty decided to start medical school in his 30s with three kids and already having had a successful career as a physical therapist. So, I wanted to invite him on the podcast to tell you that it’s not too late to change course. I want to stop ending our stories too soon and learn to be okay to pivot when things don’t go our way. Keep listening to hear how Ty decided to take this major step in his life and the sacrifices he made to do so. I hope that you can take away the empowerment and validation you need to take the next step in your life that you’ve been too afraid to take. Enjoy!


Welcome to the I Am Podcast, hosted by Ashely LeMieux. In this show, Ashley will help you uncover the greatest power in your life: you! After going on her own healing journey, Ashley realized she was looking for a way out, when what she really needed was a way in, to fully uncover who she is. On the I Am Podcast, Ashley will be sharing tangible tools and inspiring interviews to help you create a clear pathway forward. Get ready to reframe your thoughts, reimagine your future, and reclaim your power.


Hosted by: Ashley LeMieux




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#33 I Am Not Too Late or Too Far Behind

#33 I Am Not Too Late or Too Far Behind

Ashley LeMieux