DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast336: Finance Friday: Six-Figure Passive Income in Just 4 Years!
336: Finance Friday: Six-Figure Passive Income in Just 4 Years!

336: Finance Friday: Six-Figure Passive Income in Just 4 Years!

Update: 2022-09-16


Becoming a millionaire by 30 is almost every 20-or-something-year-old’s dream. But what if you want to go even further? Instead of seven-figure net worth, what about an eight-figure net worth? Would this be enough to make your wildest dreams come true, or is planning for ultra-wealthy status a wasted pursuit, as most people could easily retire earlywith just a few million? The question we’re trying to ask is, how much is enough?

It’s not Scott and Mindy asking this question, it’s today’s guest, Travis. You could call Travis an overachiever, although he doesn’t have the ego to fit that title. Travis has built close to a million dollars in net worth, with $10,000 of monthly passive income in just four years. He’s done this while working a full-time job and spending just $2,000 a month. If we could give a “You Did It, You Won the Money Show!” award, Travis would be first in line.

But Travis is struggling to get his goals aligned with his portfolio. He set a lofty eight-figure goal for retirement, but with his rock-bottom spending rate, is this dollar figure even worth the work? Travis also wants to pose the stocks vs. real estate question, as he’s almost entirely invested in rental properties with very little left in retirement accounts or any stock accounts in general. So what is Travis’ next move? Quit the job, load up on stocks, or keep doing what he’s been doing?

In This Episode We Cover

Using the BRRRR strategy to grow a large rental portfolio in very little time 

Hitting millionaire status by your thirties through smart spending and consistent investing

When to quit your W2 and pursue entrepreneurial pursuits full-time

Stocks vs. real estate and loading up your Roth, 401K, and other retirement accounts

Goal setting and when to take a step back from building wealth 

CapEx calculations, cash reserves, and prepaying your mortgage 

And So Much More!

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336: Finance Friday: Six-Figure Passive Income in Just 4 Years!

336: Finance Friday: Six-Figure Passive Income in Just 4 Years!