DiscoverThe Pursuit of Enhancement Podcast#34 Timber Hawkeye Pt 1/1 – Struggle Is Not A Requirement!
#34 Timber Hawkeye Pt 1/1 – Struggle Is Not A Requirement!

#34 Timber Hawkeye Pt 1/1 – Struggle Is Not A Requirement!

Update: 2018-11-16


Welcome to Episode 34.

This week I have the pleasure of being joined from California, by Timber Hawkeye.

Timber Hawkeye is the bestselling author of Buddhist Boot Camp and Faithfully Religionless and host of The Buddhist Boot Camp Podcast.

He prescribes gratitude as medicine for people to heal themselves from the inside out, inviting the best version of you to resurface. This inevitably leads to the true meaning of success (being happy), and significantly better health (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual). Timber's intention is to awaken, enlighten, enrich, and inspire a simple and uncomplicated life, by sharing mindfulness-enhancing techniques that anyone can relate to and implement in their daily lives.

A few years ago Timber traveled the United States and stayed with different host families. In that time he observed that as a culture we tend to cover our eyes and then cry that it is dark. After a few months the pain in his heart become too much to bear, he wanted to surround himself with people who were at least consciously aware of our habitual tendency to self destruct. So he moved into a zen monastery, completely off the grid with no mobile or phone connection.

After a year at 2 different temples he realised he was of no benefit to the world if he kept himself tucked away at a monastery. He recognised in all of us that there is hunger for inner peace, for tranquility, for that inner conflict to stop. He envisioned a very simple guide to being happy, be grateful because gratitude has a way of turning what we have into enough and that is luxury, that is being rich.

In the episode we talk about

- Life lessons
- His journey and experiences and what led him to those moments and events
- Unlearning some of the things we’ve picked up along the way
- Seeking a simple and uncomplicated life
- Taking time to discover why you believe what you do and also questioning some of it rather than just going our entire lives doing what we’ve always done and expecting different results.
- Letting go of our suffering, our past and not being the victim and always looking for someone to blame.
- His books Buddhist Bootcamp and Faithfully Religionless.

The main theme of our conversation is about unlearning, letting go and relearning. Letting go of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, not playing the victim and being free. When we stop playing the victim, who are we then? That is the key and centres around much of our conversation.

I hope you enjoy it.

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#34 Timber Hawkeye Pt 1/1 – Struggle Is Not A Requirement!

#34 Timber Hawkeye Pt 1/1 – Struggle Is Not A Requirement!

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