DiscoverPodcast Historias with Alphecca Perpetua34. #BATONUNCUT: HIV in the LGBTQ+ Community of the Philippines (Season 3) | Podcast Historias
34. #BATONUNCUT: HIV in the LGBTQ+ Community of the Philippines (Season 3) | Podcast Historias

34. #BATONUNCUT: HIV in the LGBTQ+ Community of the Philippines (Season 3) | Podcast Historias

Update: 2022-10-03



"BATON UNCUT: HIV in the LGBTQ+ Community of the Philippines" • Season 3, Episode 34, Rated-21 • 69 Questions with Dr. Van Baton • Sponsored by Studio Historias, a dedicated production service for podcasts, radio, and other online shows. Go to to learn more.


Dr. Van Phillip Baton is a Medical Officer IV of the Department of Health Central Visayas Center for Health Development. He is currently designated as the Section Head of the Non-Communicable Disease Section and medical coordinator for a number of Communicable Diseases program working for the control and elimination various infectious diseases in coordination; with the local government units, private sector, international funding agencies, and non-government/civil society organizations in the region through technical assistance, monitoring, and evaluation and logistics support.

Dr. Baton is a firm believer in the role of data in shaping policies that will result in the efficient use limited resources and the role of epidemiology in finding practical solutions to public health problems in the age of epidemics. An advocate for the role of public health practitioners as guides for policy makers in creating better public health policies as we move towards universal health care through correct, proper, and timely interpretation of data.


ALPHECCA PERPETUA is a Filipino KBP-accredited radio broadcaster who executively produces and presents podcast shows, radio programs, and small-stage live events. An undergraduate student for the Marine Biology degree program at the University of San Carlos in 2004, she shifted focus and specialization to radio presenting and audio production for both Contemporary-Hit and Rock Radio format treatments as well as live-events hosting starting late 2005.

In 2008, she was among the chosen national top 80 participants for I-Witness's first docufest, an award-winning PH documentary TV show for GMA-7 News TV and GMA broadcast network.

Today, she continues to develop and co-produce global TOP-100 podcast shows for Entertainment, B2B, and the Fortune 500; including the seasonal Cebu-based Comedy Talk & Interviews, "Podcast Historias".


Podcast Historias with @alpheccaperpetua • Presented/Hosted by Alphecca Perpetua • Arranged, Mixed, and Mastered by Alphecca Perpetua • Produced by Alphecca Perpetua & Brent Kohnan • Distributed by Studio Historias • • Cebu, Philippines 6000 • All Rights Reserved © 2022


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34. #BATONUNCUT: HIV in the LGBTQ+ Community of the Philippines (Season 3) | Podcast Historias

34. #BATONUNCUT: HIV in the LGBTQ+ Community of the Philippines (Season 3) | Podcast Historias

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