DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast342: Finance Friday: Financially Independent, But Not Feeling “Free”
342: Finance Friday: Financially Independent, But Not Feeling “Free”

342: Finance Friday: Financially Independent, But Not Feeling “Free”

Update: 2022-10-07


Financial independence isn’t for everyone. That comes as a surprise for most of us within the personal finance community. Whether we like it or not, the “save, invest, and grind” until you can retire early lifestyle isn't a commonly accepted one. But what happens when your partner is the one who doesn’t agree? What steps can you take to help them see why early retirement is such a crucial piece of your life?

This is just one of the topics we touch on with today’s guest, Mark. Mark is in a great position, and he’s already financially free. But, he doesn’t know what to do next, how to optimize his portfolio, and whether or not he’s making the right moves. With a blend of stocks, bonds, and real estate, Mark has a million-dollar diverse portfolio, but where can he tighten it up? And, if he’s able to do so, how does he get his wife on board?

This episode serves as a reminder that even when all the hard work pays off, there is still a life to live. If you’ve spent years, or decades, grinding to finally reach a comfortable position in life, it’s necessary to know how to use that time once you have it. Do you keep stacking up investments so your children are ensured a comfortable life, or do you take some time for yourself, chase after your own dreams, and live a life you would love to live?

In This Episode We Cover

Why cutting down your expenses remains one of the fastest ways to hit financial independence 

Recalculating your rental property profits and making sure your cash flow is correct

Turnkey rentals and using them as a low-stress way to quickly build a profitable portfolio 

Selling off investments to pay for your lifestyle and the risk of doing so

Combining finances as a couple and how to propose the idea to a not-so-convinced spouse

Defining your goals and drafting your “vision” that’ll help you make the right steps to achieve ultimate freedom 

And So Much More!

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342: Finance Friday: Financially Independent, But Not Feeling “Free”

342: Finance Friday: Financially Independent, But Not Feeling “Free”