DiscoverThe One You Feed344: Sarah Blondin on Being Heart Minded
344: Sarah Blondin on Being Heart Minded

344: Sarah Blondin on Being Heart Minded

Update: 2020-07-215


Sarah Blondin is a writer and videographer from British Columbia, Canada. She’s also the creator and host of the well-known podcast “live awake“. In this episode, Sarah and Eric discuss her book, Heart Minded, How to Hold Yourself and Others in Love”, where she shares how we can learn to train our minds to listen and follow our hearts.

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In This Interview, Sarah Blondin and I Discuss Being Heart Minded and…

  • Her book,  Heart Minded, How to Hold Yourself and Others in Love.”  
  • Listening to the longing that guides us to the dark place
  • How grace is like the wind that comes from within lifting us up from the mire
  • Creating a mainline to the heart will move you forward, but we must learn to be aware of it.
  • How taking responsibility for our pain becomes our strength
  • Seeing from the perspective of the heart and learning to see beyond the pain
  • Feeling and giving yourself permission begins the healing process
  • Addressing and not avoiding your afflictions
  • Becoming empowered to stop choosing to go to the dark place comes with time and practice
  • Bringing the mind down to the heart
  • How the unharnessed mind is frantic and is an ungrounded companion
  • The call of the heart is living and leading with love
  • The heart gives us a strength to help us maneuver difficult times
  • Training the mind to start following the heart’s agenda
  • As the heart grows, it infiltrates our consciousness and moves us into a more harmonious state.
  • Creating boundaries for yourself when suffering and struggle show up
  • “Inner hospitality” comes from learning how to stay and allowing your feelings to move in then out.
  • How achievements and pursuits hold little value compared to what we create within ourselves

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344: Sarah Blondin on Being Heart Minded

344: Sarah Blondin on Being Heart Minded