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35: Our Adoption Journey

35: Our Adoption Journey

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Today on Rise Together we’re talking about something we’ve never discussed in detail with our audience, the incredible and emotionally-trying journey we took to adoption. In what ended up being 5 long years of our lives, we navigated both international and domestic adoption, becoming foster parents, and the complicated waters of state and national child-care agencies, all in the name of completing our family. It resulted in some of the toughest seasons of our lives but also the sweetest moments and we are so blessed to be able to share this story with you.

If you’re interested in learning more about adoption or foster care, find as many people in your community who can share their story.  Follow folks on social who share theirs like some of our IG favorites: @elsielarson, @thisgatherednest, @theluckyfewofficial and @adopttogether.

National Angels ( is an organization that walks alongside children in the foster care system, as well as their caretakers, by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building and mentorship.

We mentioned Jen Hatmaker’s book Interrupted (, it landed at a time to encourage our jumping into awesome interruption.  Our friend Heather Avis also writes the story of being called into adoption in her book The Lucky Few (

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Kari Cook

just listened to this podcast. Beautiful story and I appreciate the honesty of how hard adoption and foster care can be. thank you for being able to put your family out there to try to help others. Listening to the ways you relied on your faith to get you through these times and having the faith to take the next step.. so amazing! Thank you

Jun 6th

Terell Swallow

so much crying while listening to this

Apr 25th

Jeff Kelly

Terell Swallow sorry was just reading this before i listen...can i ask why crying?

May 4th

Courtney Bulloch

Beautiful story! I agree we have a lot of need here in the states that people forget about. I have to say though, they make it sound like anyone who does foster care for the money is a bad person. That's like saying anyone who works at a job they like that makes a difference in the world and get paid for it are bad people. Some, like my mom, opt to do foster care because she needed to go back work but had young kids she didn't want to leave. She took very good care of the 70+ kids who came through her home (and infinitely better than a lot of the kids parents would have). Social workers even say the ones who do foster care as their jobs are the ones who stick with it and like they said in their podcast, most everywhere is in desperate need of foster parents. A lot of those rules are there for the protection of a foster parent too (allegations of abuse by meth addict parents, attacks by 7 yr olds that are used to raising themselves and don't know what a good parent looks like, etc) and that stigma that fostering as a job is evil needs to be debunked and we should lend these good foster parents support. It is a TOUGH job!

Mar 14th

Carol Leon Guerrero

This episode brought me to tears!!! God bless Noah and her lifelong journey into her forever family. ❤

Feb 28th








35: Our Adoption Journey

35: Our Adoption Journey

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