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#35 I Am Not Alone In Infertility

#35 I Am Not Alone In Infertility

Update: 2021-09-21


Welcome back to The I Am Podcast! Today, I am so excited to be chatting with my dear friend Jenica Parcell, an infertility coach whose openness about her own personal journey with infertility has helped me through mine. Jenica is now a mom of two but provides support to many women who have experienced or are experiencing the same things she went through including not being able to get pregnant after a year of trying, two failed infertility treatments, and an unfortunate miscarriage. After some hesitation, Jenica decided to share all of this online and even documented her third round of IVF treatments by writing letters to her future child on her blog. In the end, it was this third cycle of IVF that finally brought Jenica and her husband their beautiful twins who recently turned 5 years old.


In this episode, Jenica and I will discuss her infertility journey, how going through these treatments made her feel, and the importance of allowing yourself to process your emotions. In addition, Jenica will share how she got into infertility coaching and her advice for people who are trying to grow their families, which includes not being afraid to reach out for help when you need it. As human beings, we are not meant to go through this life by ourselves and in listening to this episode, I hope that you find the support you need and realize that you are not alone in infertility. Enjoy!


Jenica’s coaching website:


Welcome to the I Am Podcast, hosted by Ashely LeMieux. In this show, Ashley will help you uncover the greatest power in your life: you! After going on her own healing journey, Ashley realized she was looking for a way out, when what she really needed was a way in, to fully uncover who she is. On the I Am Podcast, Ashley will be sharing tangible tools and inspiring interviews to help you create a clear pathway forward. Get ready to reframe your thoughts, reimagine your future, and reclaim your power.


Hosted by: Ashley LeMieux




Jenna’s website and Instagram:

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#35 I Am Not Alone In Infertility

#35 I Am Not Alone In Infertility

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