DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast350: Why We Turned Down a 5% Rate Mortgage | Mindy & Carl’s Budget Review
350: Why We Turned Down a 5% Rate Mortgage | Mindy & Carl’s Budget Review

350: Why We Turned Down a 5% Rate Mortgage | Mindy & Carl’s Budget Review

Update: 2022-11-04


Margin loans, medium-term rentals, and potential mortgage rate mistakes summarize what Carl and Mindy have been up to over the past couple of months. It’s been a minute since we’ve checked in on the ever-frugal Jensen family. But they’ve been gone for a good reason. Back at the start of the summer, Carl and Mindy decided that they were finished with rehabbing and big fixer-upper projects. Then they found the perfect opportunity, waiting just a few doors down from them. So, they jumped at the chance to make another deal work.

But Carl and Mindy did this type of deal in a peculiar way. Not only did they find it off-market, but they also funded it without a mortgage. Don’t get too excited—Carl and Mindy didn’t drop hundreds of thousands in cash just to buy one house. But, they did use another form of financing that most real estate investors aren’t aware of—margin loans. These types of stock portfolio-leveraged loans can come with unbelievably low interest rates. But, when equity values start to drop, so too can your safety when you use this type of financing.

But it’s not all about property purchasing on this episode of Mindy & Carl’s Budget Review. The duo also talks aboutwhy their expense tracking has fallen off and how not knowing your expenses can cause far bigger problems than you’d think. They also touch on the medium-term rental strategy and how you can use it to get far higher rents with very little turnover in almost any of your rental properties! If this strategy interests you, we highly recommend grabbing the new book, 30-Day Stay.

In This Episode We Cover

Budgeting mistakes and how easy it is to get off track when you don’t know what you’re spending on

Carl and Mindy’s newest fixer-upper, medium-term rental property purchase

Using margin loans (stock loans) to fund your real estate deals

When it makes sense to use a variable loan over a traditional fixed-rate mortgage 

How to profitably provide housing for those that have been affected by natural disasters

The easiest way to get caught for mortgage fraud (and go to prison!)

And So Much More!

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350: Why We Turned Down a 5% Rate Mortgage | Mindy & Carl’s Budget Review

350: Why We Turned Down a 5% Rate Mortgage | Mindy & Carl’s Budget Review