DiscoverThe One You Feed353: Brad Warner on Hardcore Zen
353: Brad Warner on Hardcore Zen

353: Brad Warner on Hardcore Zen

Update: 2020-09-153


Brad Warner is an ordained Zen teacher and the author of many books, including There is No God and He is Always With YouZen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate, and Hardcore Zen, Brad is the creator of the “Hardcore Zen” blog and YouTube Channel and is also a punk rock bass player in the band, Zero Defex. He has published work in Buddhist magazines Shambala Sun, Buddha Dharma, and Tricycle as well as rock magazines such as Alternative Press, Maximum Rock and Roll, and Razorcake.

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In This Interview, Brad Warner and I Discuss Hardcore Zen and …

  • His book, “Letters to a Dead Friend About Zen”
  • Absolute truth and relative truth
  • The Buddhist precepts – there are no universal rules that apply to everything
  • The universe is a living entity that is affected by our actions
  • Why he wrote this book for his friend who died
  • Iceberg metaphor – what can be seen is what we know about ourselves, but we also have unseen and unknowable parts of ourselves.
  • His thoughts on Buddha being a genius
  • The Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha
  • A goal of not having a goal is also a goal
  • Being in a goal-oriented society
  • Seeing things as they are and realizing that we’re wrong
  • The challenge of accepting our current reality as how it's supposed to be and not how we want it to be.
  • Working with our desires for things to be a certain way

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353: Brad Warner on Hardcore Zen

353: Brad Warner on Hardcore Zen