DiscoverThe One You Feed354: Judith Grisel on the Neuroscience of Addiction
354: Judith Grisel on the Neuroscience of Addiction

354: Judith Grisel on the Neuroscience of Addiction

Update: 2020-09-22


Dr. Judith Grisel is a professor of Psychology at Bucknell University. Judith is a behavioral neuroscientist with a particular interest in addiction. Her work includes trying to determine what is different about people who develop drug addictions before they ever try a drug. 

In this episode, Judith and Eric discuss her book, “Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction” where she shares her personal experience of overcoming addiction as well as her passion for research into the neuroscience of addiction.

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In This Interview, Judith Grisel and I Discuss the Neuroscience of Addiction, and…

  • Her book, Never Enough:  The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction"  
  • Channeling her strong will and enthusiasm for addiction into recovery 
  • Focusing on what she wanted rather than what she didn't want
  • The complexity of addiction is there are so many factors that lead to it
  • Nature via nurture as well as the inherited risks of addiction
  • The increased risk of teenagers with addictive disorders when using drugs or alcohol while the brain is still developing.
  • The neural states associated with addiction also come from our history, culture, socialization, communication, and even microbiomes.
  • The "debt of addiction is accrued when borrowing good feelings from the future is due"
  • Mechanisms of what happens in the brain when abusing substances
  • Tolerance is when the brain adapts and counteracts the effects of the drug
  • Dependence is when you no longer like yourself without the drug
  • Younger adults may be more prone to addiction, but also more resilient.
  • Her experience of receiving tough love from her parents that ultimately led to recovery.
  • How isolation causes addiction and addiction causes isolation
  • Connection is crucial in the process of recovery

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354: Judith Grisel on the Neuroscience of Addiction

354: Judith Grisel on the Neuroscience of Addiction