DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast356: Finance Friday: First Down Market? Here’s How to Stop Stressing
356: Finance Friday: First Down Market? Here’s How to Stop Stressing

356: Finance Friday: First Down Market? Here’s How to Stop Stressing

Update: 2022-11-251


Tech stocks were slam dunk investments for the past decade. No matter what you invested in—Google, Facebook, Amazon, or even some obscure AI toaster company—you probably made decent returns. But, after years of continuous economic growth and massive government stimulus, tech stocks are finally starting to get shaky. The problem? New investors like Zoe have huge paper losses on their dashboards. But is this worth worrying over?

Zoe is an ideal investor. At just twenty-four, she already has close to six-figure wealth, with a house hack, a respectable retirement portfolio, and a solid income every month. She’s making the right moves but feels like some of her most recent choices haven’t hit the mark. She dabbled in stock picking as her income went up, investing in some of the biggest names in tech over the past few years. Her house hack, which is almost letting her live for free, was bought at the top of the market with an average interest rate.

Zoe needs to know what to do next. Should she sell her tech stocks and invest the money into index funds where she can let it ride? Should she buy a new house hack that allows her to live for free instead of at a discount? And where should she put the thousands of dollars she’s saving every month to ensure her a life of financial freedom in the near future? Zoe has some enviable problems, and on this Finance Friday, we’ll be solving them!

In This Episode We Cover

The 2022 stock market crash and whether selling and cutting your losses is a smart idea

The right way to invest in tech stocks and how to get educated on stock picking

House hacking and how deals that aren’t “home runs” can still be huge winners

Getting paid to learn about real estate and using your downtime to boost your financial knowledge

FHA loansconventional loans, USDA loans, and other ways to fund a property purchase for low money down

The right moves to make in your early twenties and why Zoe is a role model for new graduates

And So Much More!

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356: Finance Friday: First Down Market? Here’s How to Stop Stressing

356: Finance Friday: First Down Market? Here’s How to Stop Stressing