DiscoverThe One You Feed356: Julia Cameron on Finding Your Creativity
356: Julia Cameron on Finding Your Creativity

356: Julia Cameron on Finding Your Creativity

Update: 2020-10-067


Julia Cameron is an American teacher, author, artist, poet, playwright, novelist, filmmaker, and much more. She is best known for her book, “The Artist’s Way.

In this episode, in addition to discussing her book, “The Artist’s Way,” Eric and Julia talk about finding your creativity and her famous practice known as “Morning Pages.”

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In This Interview, Julia Cameron and I Discuss Finding Your Creativity and…

  • Her book, “The Artist’s Way
  • Her many strategies for feeding her good wolf
  • Creative recovery is the process of tracking back to our original selves
  • Creativity as a spiritual practice
  • “Morning Pages” is her daily practice of writing 3 pages longhand about anything that is on your mind first thing in the morning
  • The importance of writing no more or no less than the 3 pages.
  • Morning pages are aimed at moving out of inertia into action.
  • Learning to write past our inner critic is how we train ourselves to move past fear
  • Cloud thoughts are the thoughts that drift into your consciousness that are not connected to anything
  • Morning pages are your tough love friend and are not meant to be reread
  • Creativity can come from happiness as well as pain
  • The reward for paying attention is a sense of well being that counters loneliness
  • “Artist Dates” are expeditions out of your house that you find delightful or brings you joy
  • The myth that artists are born and not made
  • How perfectionism stands between you and your creativity
  • The process of creativity is more important than the end product
  • Moving past perfectionism with your morning pages
  • Walking is another important creative tool 
  • The secret doubt is our skeptical sense that a higher power isn’t interested in us.
  • The voice of guidance is kind, intuitive, truthful, and supportive

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356: Julia Cameron on Finding Your Creativity

356: Julia Cameron on Finding Your Creativity