DiscoverBirthing Instincts#357 "Born At Home", A New Documentary
#357 "Born At Home", A New Documentary

#357 "Born At Home", A New Documentary

Update: 2024-04-17


Today on the podcast Blyss & Dr. Stu chat with the creators of a new film exploring home birth. The film explores the empowering journey of home birth and combines the wisdom of families, midwives, doulas, and some of our favorite people in the birth world. We also discuss the importance of how babies enter this world and, of course, catch up and reveal some new dumb doctor dogma.

About Eleanor Currie:

Eleanor Currie is a documentary filmmaker, videographer, photographer and mother of two beautiful children. She has a passion for telling stories about the human experience. Her newest film 'Born At Home' (created with long-term friend, Amanda Banks) explores the emotional journey of homebirth. 

About Amanda Banks:

Amanda is mother of two children, both born at home. She has always had a passion for health which led her to complete a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) and now works as an Acupuncturist in Brisbane, supporting families through fertility, pregnancy and beyond for over 8 years. Amanda was the former Convenor for Homebirth QLD for 2.5 years until mid 2023 and worked as a maternity consumer representative on the QLD Normal Birth Strategy.

Empowered by the homebirth of her second child in 2020, Amanda together with long term dear friend Eleanor, set out to create a film exploring Homebirth in QLD. She is the co-creator and Producer of Born at Home.

About the Documentary Born At Home:

Where and how women choose to birth matters. Born at Home is a stunning documentary film exploring what it takes to have a positive and transformative birth experience. Born at Home is an informative and emotive documentary exploring homebirth. This is a must-see event for all birth nerds, birth workers, mothers, those curious about birth and those seeking an alternative option to hospital birth.

Key highlights:

  • Birth at Home Documentary Filmmakers
  • Home Birth Documentary Discussion
  • Contrasting Birth Experiences in Film
  • Life Choices and Home Birth Perspectives
  • Free Birth and Home Birth Exploration

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#357 "Born At Home", A New Documentary

#357 "Born At Home", A New Documentary

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