DiscoverThe One You Feed359: Special Episode: Resilience During Challenging Times
359: Special Episode:  Resilience During Challenging Times

359: Special Episode: Resilience During Challenging Times

Update: 2020-10-271


Due to the ongoing global pandemic, devastating natural disasters, contentious elections, and instances of heartbreaking violence and injustice, challenging times continue. To help you strengthen your resilience, we’re releasing this special episode which features all-new interviews with 4 previous guests of the show. The guests of this special episode are Ellen BassParker PalmerSpring Washam, and Ralph De La Rosa.

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In This Interview, We Discuss Resilience During Difficult Times and…

  • How art can help us connect with our inner experience during challenging times
  • Ellen Bass’ motto to cultivate resilience: “work more, worry less”
  • That if we can get the step small enough, there’s always a positive step we can take to help
  • The impact of taking care of ourselves on other people
  • The importance of cultivating gratitude for small things
  • When our hearts are broken open, they grow larger
  • Learning to value small actions
  • The motto: “if you can’t get out of it, get into it
  • The importance of literally changing the channel to limit our intake of distressing news
  • How to be in the world but not of the world
  • Working with fear skillfully
  • How mind and body parallel themselves
  • Making time to allow, be with, and be in our emotions
  • The importance of metabolizing and digesting our emotions
  • How we’re designed to go through stress and bounce back

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Ellen Bass

Parker Palmer

Spring Washam

Ralph De La Rosa

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359: Special Episode:  Resilience During Challenging Times

359: Special Episode: Resilience During Challenging Times