DiscoverThe UX Hustle#36: Feel the Fear + DO IT Anyway with Joe Natoli
#36: Feel the Fear + DO IT Anyway with Joe Natoli

#36: Feel the Fear + DO IT Anyway with Joe Natoli

Update: 2021-09-08


In this episode, Amanda and Joe talk about FEAR. Fear of speaking up, fear of looking dumb, and the fear of failure. Joe shares his experience working with hundreds of thousands of UX students and in a number of UX organizations -- showing you how to overcome fear so that you can make a real impact not only as a UX designer but as a person in your own life. This episode isn't just for those of you breaking into UX, but it really speaks to the real life experience and challenges of being a UXer at an organization. So whether you're just starting out, a manager or consultant, or out looking for a new position on the job market, this episode is for you.

Joe Natoli is a UX consultant, author and speaker. Everything he does is born from three decades of consulting with and training the product development teams of some of the world’s largest organizations. He has taught over 200,000 students through his online courses and is a regular keynote speaker and lecturer at events across the globe. Including! The UX Hustle Summit, Sept 24 & 25, where Joe will be moderating our career path panel! His courses, books, articles and free UX resources are available at, and his new online school, the UX 365 Academy publishes new training courses, videos, ebooks and more every month; check it out at


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#36: Feel the Fear + DO IT Anyway with Joe Natoli

#36: Feel the Fear + DO IT Anyway with Joe Natoli

Amanda Worthington