DiscoverThe One You Feed363: Cory Allen on Cultivating Mindfulness
363: Cory Allen on Cultivating Mindfulness

363: Cory Allen on Cultivating Mindfulness

Update: 2020-11-243


Cory Allen is a writer, musician, meditation teacher, and creator of the podcast, The Astral Hustle, which focuses on how to live better with leading experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, and philosophy. Cory believes that the more we understand ourselves, the less we suffer.

In this episode, Cory and Eric discuss his book, Now Is The Way: An Unconventional Approach To Modern Mindfulness.

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In This Interview, Cory Allen and I Discuss Cultivating Mindfulness and…

  • His bookNow Is The Way: An Unconventional Approach To Modern Mindfulness
  • The role of our actions in determining who we are
  • How to differentiate between helpful and unhelpful negative thoughts and emotions
  • The most effective way to widen the gap between stimulus and response
  • The watching mind and the doing mind
  • Why the notions of emptiness and non-self needn’t be scary
  • The answer to the question, “Does my life even matter?”
  • How we assign meaning rather than find meaning in life
  • What it means to dilute strong emotions or ruminating thoughts when they arise

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363: Cory Allen on Cultivating Mindfulness

363: Cory Allen on Cultivating Mindfulness