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363- Invisible Women

363- Invisible Women

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Men are often the default subjects of design, which can have a huge impact on big and critical aspects of everyday life. Caroline Criado Perez is the author of Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men, a book about how data from women is ignored and how this bakes in bias and discrimination in the things we design.

Invisible Women

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Naresh Sinnathamby

Soon as I heard feminism I was skeptical, but it was really informative and having studied biomedical science myself, I can definitely acknowledge there is a gap in data and in Australia we are becoming more aware of it

Nov 14th

Corinne Meier

this is a brilliant episode. thank you!

Oct 9th

Abigail D

I really enjoyed this episode. I run a ReStore and I designed the layout and most of our processes locally. and at each step I kept my sister in law in mind as my core customer. middle class, thrifty, mother of 3 young children and of average AFAB height. So fixtures are shorter, aisles are wide, sections are organized, and CLEAN and safe is the most important thing we do. By focusing on this femme imaginary customer and making her the pickiest- everyone wins. I love this episode.

Aug 7th
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Rebecca MA

The latest episode of The Anthropocene Reviewed (ep. 19) provides another excellent example of the issue here, i.e. the office temperature setting is based on men in business suit therefore offices are usually too cold for women who in general prefer warmer indoor temperatures

Jul 27th
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Lee Greathouse

The car design part is real, my girlfriend is a 5'0" 110lbs Female and I'm a 6'2" 200lbs Male, and neither of us fit comfortably in most cars, I'm guessing we'll never successfully own a car birth of us can fit. We're literally on opposite ends of the 50th percentile Male dummy. As for the rest of the episode she can attest to virtually nothing being designed for a 5' female, some things are smaller than I'd like for my comfort but being larger than the intended user does seem to be easier than being smaller.

Jul 24th
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Ryan Pena

lol these commenters are great examples of why sexism exists in science

Jul 24th
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hate to be "that guy" - but I am male, single, pushing my shopping cart the same routes - pleased that user experience Vs city planning is in full effect.

Jul 24th


can we stop with the cis use

Jul 24th
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Brian Undercoffer

this guest is sexist

Jul 23rd
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363- Invisible Women

363- Invisible Women

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