DiscoverThe Heartbeat366: Trusting Your Intuition W/ Aarona Lea
366: Trusting Your Intuition W/ Aarona Lea

366: Trusting Your Intuition W/ Aarona Lea

Update: 2020-07-13


Hello and welcome, love bugs, to this beautifully in-flow convo with Aarona Lea - author, creatrix, channel, oracle, and much much more - ranging from the mystical and metaphysical, to the deeply grounded, embodied, informative. Stick around until the end, where Aarona pulls some cards from her Moon Deck and discusses how they tie in to the collective and to you - the listeners!

So much wisdom in this transmission, all about true connection to ourselves and our truth inward and outward - our boundaries, creativity, spirituality, community, place in the world at this moment, our power. That feeling of self-awareness and loving ourselves so deeply through everything, especially during this important time. A lot to be said about finding medicine in the shadow, and resonance in the dissonance. 

Another interesting topic we cover is 'demystifying intuition', and really mining the body for wisdom to be able live fully and truly. All the while locating and embracing the harmony within, and constantly letting go of the old to bring in the new.

We definitely cover a lot of ground here! This episode is one worth listening to a few times to really soak in all the inspired information.

"From our parents, who were also shaped by culture. I mean, they're just passing it on in the society that we live in. We're seeing so many truths come out now that have always been there, it's just like - some of the population was aware of it, and some wasn't. And I mean once you start to see it, it's the painful process of that - of the healing - is that you start to see your shit everywhere. Which is a good sign! That's a good sign. It's painful and it's overwhelming but you start to see it like, 'oh my gosh, this is actually happening everywhere. I'm the common denominator in this thing, how can I look at that with compassion and not more judgement, because that then perpetuates the inner critic, and that perpetuates the suffering'."

Find the talented Aarona on IG @aarona.lea and her website, and support her incredible Moon Deck Oracle - & @the_moondeck









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366: Trusting Your Intuition W/ Aarona Lea

366: Trusting Your Intuition W/ Aarona Lea

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