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37: Christmas - Wise Men - Obey Jesus

37: Christmas - Wise Men - Obey Jesus

Update: 2022-12-17


December 17th
 Wise Men
Obey Jesus

 “If you love me, you will do the things I command.” John 14:15  

 The wise men in the Christmas story lived very far away from where Jesus was born. They loved to study the stars. When they were studying the stars, they noticed a special star. It was so special they decided it meant a great king had been born. They knew they had to make a long journey to see this king and worship him. 

The wise men found Jesus and his family in Bethlehem and gave them gifts for a king. The Wise men put a lot of effort and time into finding Jesus so they could honor him. They gave him their best gifts. 

Jesus gave his very best for you. Will you give him your very best? 

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37: Christmas - Wise Men - Obey Jesus

37: Christmas - Wise Men - Obey Jesus

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